Flash Drive Data Recovery

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Recover Flash Drive Data

Flash drives, or USB flash drives, are portable storage devices that have become widely popular due to their practicality and data transfer capacity. However, like any storage medium, Flash Drives are also subject to failures that can result in data loss.

What is Flash Drive Data Recovery?

Data recovery from a flash drive refers to the process of restoring and recovering lost information, corrupted or accidentally deleted files stored on that device. This need may arise due to hardware failures, software errors, abrupt removal, data corruption, or accidental formatting.

Types of Flash Drive

There are different types of Flash Drive available, varying in storage capacity, transfer speed and design:

• Flash Drive USB 2.0: These are the older models, with lower transfer speeds compared to the latest models. Despite this, they are still widely used due to their compatibility with a variety of devices.

• Flash Drive USB 3.0/3.1/3.2: These Flash Drives offer faster data transfer speed compared to the previous versions. They are ideal for transferring large files and performing backups quickly.

• Flash Drive Tipo-C: These Flash Drives feature a reversible Type-C port, offering faster transfer speeds and greater compatibility with modern devices.

We recover data from burned pendrives, broken, corrupted, not detecting, USB, not recognized. We have specialized equipment to deal with the most varied problems with your Flash Drive.

Some brands of flash drives that we recover data from: SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, Multilaser (Multi), Dane-Elec, Foston, TDK, HP, and others.