Flash Drive Data Recovery

Recuperar pendrive

Recover Data from Flash Drive

We recover data on Flash Drive and also IDE, SATA, SAS and SSHD HD. In 3.5", 2.5" and 1.8" formats. We have specialized equipment to deal with the most varied problems with your Flash Drive.

We recover data from broken Flash Drive, burned, does not detect, USB. We also work with all HD formats. We are prepared to offer the best service in Flash Drive Data Recovery.

Why choose Vexus to recover your data?

We have our own on-site laboratory equipped with a clean chamber and all the tools, resources and applications necessary to carry out any HD data recovery process, regardless of the type of failure that damaged the device, be it a logical (software) or physical (hardware) problem. ). We don't outsource. We do not send your media, with your data, to another location.

With years of dedicated research, experimentation, and innovation, we have honed our expertise in data recovery. Our continuous development of technical knowledge ensures that we provide top-notch service to our customers. Understanding the intricacies of hard drives and operating systems is crucial in the field of data recovery.