Recover External HDD

recover data from external hard drive

External HDD Data Recovery

Data recovery from an external hard drive is crucial when all valuable data is lost. Sometimes, a hasty click can delete essential files or a hard drive can be accidentally formatted, resulting in the loss of critical information. Sometimes an accidental impact or fall can also ruin everything. But there is hope. The right data recovery company can be your best ally in these times of digital despair.

Recovering deleted files or restoring lost ones is possible. When faced with this situation, the first thing to do is not write any more data to the external HDD. The reason is simple: if you want to recover external hard drive, any new data can overwrite the old data, making recovery more difficult.

Backing up regularly is also an important practice to avoid data loss. If you have a recent backup of your files, restoring becomes much simpler and faster.

What to do if you don't have access to the External HDD?

If you cannot access the external hard drive, either because the operating system does not recognize it or because it is inaccessible in some way, it is possible that the external hard drive is physically damaged. If you want to recover damaged hard drive, you may need to hire a professional service to recover the data. Avoid trying to open or repair the device yourself, as this may cause additional damage and make data recovery even more difficult.

We recover data from IDE HDD, SATA, SSHD, USB External HDD, SAS HDD and SSD. Own on-site laboratory with specialized equipment to deal with the most varied problems with your HDD.

Data recovery is recovering lost information, in the most varied situations: HDD that does not turn on, burned, corrupted, formatted, Disk that does not initialize, damaged, in RAW-mode and does not detect it in the BIOS. HardDisk with corrupted firmware, detects with wrong name and wrong size. External HDD that fell to the floor, making noise, beeping, with a damaged read-write head and scratched media, beeping, wet or with a broken USB connector.

We are prepared to recover data from external hard drives from SAMSUNG, SEAGATE, Western Digital-WD, Toshiba, Lacie, Iomega, SANDISK and others.

We work with the wide range of HDDs and SSDs available, ensuring a leading service in data recovery, regardless of the device used.

Why choose Vexus to recover your data?

We have an internal laboratory, fully equipped with the essential tools and technologies to conduct HDD data recovery processes for all makes and models. We deal with any type of failure, whether logical (software) or physical (hardware). We guarantee: our own laboratory, without outsourcing or sending media to another location.

Our expertise in data recovery is the result of years dedicated to research, experimentation, creation of specialized tools, constant study, innovation and continuous development of technical knowledge. Our commitment is to provide customers with the highest quality service.