NAS Data Recovery Services

NAS Data Recovery

Recover Data on NAS Storage

NAS (Network Attached Storage) are data storage systems connected to the network, offering advanced features for companies and home users. However, like any storage system, they are subject to failures that can result in data loss. data recovery in a NAS involves specific approaches to dealing with different types of failures while preserving the integrity of critical data.

What is Data Recovery on NAS Devices?

Data recovery on NAS refers to the process of restoring and recovering lost, corrupted or inaccessible information stored on this type of device. This need may arise due to hardware failures, human errors, data corruption, network issues, cyber attacks, or even natural disasters.

Types of NAS Storage

There are several types of NAS Storage, varying in capacity, number of disk bays, features and functionalities. Some popular examples of NAS storage manufacturers include:

• Synology: Known for offering NAS storage solutions for home and business environments, Synology offers a wide range of products, from entry devices to high-performance enterprise systems.

• QNAP: QNAP is another leading company in the NAS market, providing versatile and scalable solutions for different storage needs, with advanced security and management features.

• Western Digital (WD) e Seagate: These manufacturers also offer NAS storage solutions, often integrating their specific hard drives with the NAS drives to provide optimized performance and reliability.

Types of NAS Storage Failures

NAS failures can be the result of a variety of circumstances, including:

• Disk Failures: Hard drives in a NAS can fail due to wear, physical damage, read/write errors, or mechanical problems. These failures can lead to data loss, especially if there is no redundancy or backup.

• Data Corruption: Logical errors, sudden power outages, malware infections, or file system failures can result in corruption of data stored on the NAS, making it inaccessible.

• Controller or Hardware Failures: Issues with the NAS controller, connectivity issues, or damage to the device's physical components can affect data availability and integrity.

• Network Issues: Network outages, loss of connectivity or inappropriate configurations can cause problems accessing data stored on NAS.

• Configuration or Operational Errors: Improper settings, unsuccessful updates, accidental deletion of data, or incorrect operations may result in the loss of important information.

NAS Storage Brands

Some brands of NAS that we recover data from:

We recover NAS QNAP, Lacie, Synology, Buffalo, Western Digital, Dell EMC, Netgear, Seagate, Drobo (BeyondRAID), D-Link, Iomega, ASUSTOR.

Adaptec, LSI, HiPoint, HP, Intel

Configured in RAID-0-1-5-6-10-50-60, JBOD and working with SATA disks, SAS or SSD.

If a failure occurs, avoid rebuilding the array. Any action taken from this point onwards may compromise the recovery of your data. What may seem obvious can actually result in the permanent loss of data from your faulty NAS. Contact us immediately to ensure efficient and rapid recovery of your company's vital data.