Data Recovery from Memory Cards

recuperação de dados em cartão de memória

Recover Data on Memory Card

Memory cards are portable storage devices widely used in cameras, smartphones, drones and other electronic devices to store photos, videos, music and documents. However, like other storage media, memory cards are subject to failures that can result in data loss. Data recovery from a memory card involves specific strategies to deal with different types of failures and ensure the preservation of important information.

What is Memory Card Data Recovery?

Data recovery from a memory card refers to the process of restoring and recovering lost, corrupted or accidentally deleted information stored on that device. This need may arise due to hardware failures, software errors, abrupt removal of the card, data corruption, accidental formatting, or even physical damage to the card.

We can recover deleted photos, deleted photos and formatted cards. We perform data recovery for photographers and professionals. We recover deleted shoots, wedding photos, birthday parties, newborns, 15th birthdays, pre-wedding shoots and Lightroom projects.

Examples of Memory Card Manufacturers

Some recognized memory card manufacturers include:

• SanDisk: Recognized for offering a wide range of memory cards, SanDisk is one of the leading brands on the market, offering high-capacity options and reliable performance.

• Samsung: Samsung also produces high-quality memory cards, offering different capacities and speeds to meet the needs of different devices.

• Lexar: Lexar is known for offering fast and reliable memory cards, with options that suit everyone from everyday users to professionals who demand high performance.

Types of Memory Card Failures

Memory card failures can occur in a number of ways, including:

• Data Corruption: Write/read errors, interruptions during data transfer, improper card removal, or formatting issues may result in corruption of stored data.

• Accidental Data Deletion: Unintentional file deletion, accidental card formatting or operation errors can lead to the loss of important data.

• Physical Damage: Physical impact, exposure to water, extreme heat, or bending the card can damage the internal circuitry, leading to device failure.

• Wear or Limited Service Life: Constant use of the card over time can cause wear and tear on the components, reducing its useful life and increasing the likelihood of failure.

We recover data from microSD memory cards, SD memory cards, and CF memory cards. We have specialized equipment to handle a wide range of issues with your memory card.