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External HDD fell on the floor and no longer works? See what to do

External HDD fell on the floor and no longer works? See what to do

If the external HDD falls on the floor or suffers an impact, the best solution is to stop connecting it and seek professional help.

When a hard drive is dropped, the impact can cause physical damage to internal components, leading to device failure.

If the data is important, it may be useful to look for professional data recovery services.

Now, if the HDD crashed and it is no longer working, and you hear strange noises, immediately turn off the hard drive. Trying to get it to work under these conditions could cause more damage.

Do not try to open the hard drive!

This will bring more problems to the data recovery process.

Any airborne dust particles that fall into the hard drive can compromise your data.

External HDD fell to the floor and no longer works

Scale comparing the dimensions of the read head of an HDD

When it is necessary to open a hard drive to solve internal problems, such as changing the reading head, this is done in a clean chamber with specific tools for that HDD model and equipment suitable for data recovery.

Opening a hard drive without following this procedure will only lead to further issues for your HDD.

This tip can save your data.

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